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Add img2img source image using the Browse button, via drag & drop from external file or browser image (incl. rendered image) or by pasting an image from the clipboard using Ctrl+V.

You may also reload the metadata embedded in a PNG, WEBP or JPEG image (enable embedding from the Settings).

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Image Settings
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Small image sizes can cause bad image quality

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Type a prompt and press the "Make Image" button.

You can set an "Initial Image" if you want to guide the AI.

You can also add modifiers like "Realistic", "Pencil Sketch", "ArtStation" etc by browsing through the "Image Modifiers" section and selecting the desired modifiers.

Click "Image Settings" for additional settings like seed, image size, number of images to generate etc.

Enjoy! :)
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Download all images

Instead of downloading individual files, generate one zip file with all images
Place images into job folders
For each image, also download a JSON file with all the settings used to generate the image

Image Modifiers

(drawing style, camera, etc.)
Add Custom Modifiers
Expand Categories

Custom Modifiers

Set your custom modifiers (one per line)
Tip: You can include special characters like {} () [] and |. You can also put multiple comma-separated phrases in a single line, to make a single modifier that combines all of those.


Add embeddings to the prompt (click) or negative prompt (shift-click) Add embeddings to the negative prompt

Use as thumbnail

Use a pictures as thumbnail for embeddings, LORAs, etc.